Organisation name: EDGELAB S.r.l.

4 helix category: Companies

Type of actor: SME

Overall Description: EdgeLab s.r.l. is a high tech SME working on AUV, underwater robotics, sea technologies and sensors. The company mission is to provide innovative equipment and solution responding to customer demand in the above fields. Two fundamental factors enable EdgeLab to pursue its goal: the diversified skill of the partners (coming from the world of scientific research and hi-tech product engineering), which encompasses all the competencies required for conceiving, designing and realizing underwater systems and miniaturized sensor solutions; the expertise in adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to problems, allowing to fuse the skills and focus the efforts in a goal-oriented project plan leading to meet all the application specifications. Vision Preservation and protection of marine and archaeologic environment. Identify in the Oceans a treasure of:  LIFE as infinite natural biodiversity  FOOD as intelligent fishing and innovative techniques for marine food harvesting  HISTORY as marine archaeology an inexhaustible heritage of touristic attraction, of research issues, of interdisciplinary actions for its preservation with advanced techniques  SCIENCE as innovative technical support to marine biology, archeology, ecology, fishery, energy harvesting and oceanography. Assets  Articulated NETWORK of technical and scientific links  A solid data base of reliable COMPONENTS to be assembled in various products including deep ocean remote data collection/transfer, rapid environmental assessment and scientific model based behavior of class of underwater vehicles and platforms.  EXPERIMENTAL SUPPORT to Universities, Research Centers and private companies  Professional DISSEMINATION of technical and scientific achievements through press broadcasting and web products.