The Mediterranean Sea constitutes a cross road of continents and the main link among EU countries, Asia and Middle East, baring a huge load of maritime activities that need to be monitored in an efficient way. Maritime Surveillance (MS) aims at providing to the involved key actors the necessary methods and systems to achieve effective data exchange concerning various maritime risks and sectors (Port control, piracy, pollution and trafficking monitoring, border control, defence, fisheries controls).

An important issue within MS is the existence of communication and regulatory gaps that can lead to serious loss of time in case of emergency.

PROTEUS project aims at exploiting the growth potential of the Maritime Surveillance industry that can play a crucial role in the socio-economic development of MED area and in the generation of new job opportunities.

This objective will be addressed through the establishment of a MED MS Cluster based on 5 national nodes, fostering innovation and R&D capacities, knowledge and technology transfer, as well as transnational cooperation among the involved key MS actors, focusing on maritime security and safety mechanisms in MED area.

The Cluster will offer customized services in order to identify and exploit technologies related to MS and will achieve transferability through the creation of concrete linkages with other Blue Growth sectors that face common challenges and growth opportunities.