Organisation name: Infosolution

4 helix category: Companies

Type of actor: SME

Overall Description: Info Solution S.p.A. is an Italian consultancy, design, engineering and manufacturing medium sized company certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 EN 9100:2018 that is active in the fields of computer science and electronics since 1998. One division of the company is dedicated to funded research projects aimed at developing technologies that can become new businesses. Funds come from both civil (EU, National) and military (DNA PNRM) sources. The areas of activity of this division are: Autonomous vehicles: we built some autonomous ground vehicles able to carry out several kinds of missions: logistic, mobility aid (autonomous wheelchair, hospital bed mover), security and exploration (automatic patrolling, precision farming) and military (Intelligence & Surveillance). All the vehicles are able to “perceive” the environment and autonomously navigate in it avoiding unexpected obstacles. We are developing an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and a surface vehicle (USV) for reconnaissance missions and classification of the seabed and artifacts introduced by man. Our Military AGVs carry out Intelligence & Surveillance tasks providing a very precise 3D reconstruction of environment, this allows through an artificial intelligence the identification of suspicious objects and people and target tracking, map a territory, drive on rough terrain even in case of attack to the GPS. Environment perception and Artificial Intelligence: consists in the use of techniques designed to "understand" data from cameras, sonar, laser, IMU etc. aimed to explore the environment and perform 3D modeling as well as the identification of objects or situations of interest. We are developing a 3D Target Modeling system for tactical UAV, tracking and computer vision system able to “understand” human behavior and detect suspect objects or situations in the scenery, decision support systems. Here applications range from tracking of surgical instruments, to self-localization, tracking and target modeling algorithm, video surveillance and precision farming. Wireless sensor networks: we developed sensors network in the field of environmental monitoring; systems for remote reading and remote management of gas and water metering device; RFID technology for identification and tracking of people and things in particular applied to transfusion blood management. We are developing a new sensor system for domestic appliances in Industry 4.0 field. Telemedicine systems: In the field of telemedicine Info Solution developed several projects playing the role of system integrator: our added value is to interface the core system with heterogeneous sensors and perform an appropriate data fusion in order to process data and present them together in the desired way or to build new ad hoc devices