Organisation name: Computational Science Laboratory of the University of Cyprus

4 helix category: Training and academics

Type of actor: University/ training center

Overall Description: The Computational Science Laboratory Ucy-CompSci belongs to the department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (MME) of the University of Cyprus (UCY). The center has extensive research experience and scientific knowhow on projects related to wave energy converters and fluid dynamics. It provides a multi-disciplinary research environment aiming at the promotion of excellence in computational science and engineering. The activities of the group cover a wide range of engineering modeling using advanced numerical techniques and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The activities of the group include modeling of wave induced flows and wave energy converters (WEC) such as oscillating water columns, oscillatory flows and sediment transport in the coastal and off-shore environment. In the past the research team of Ucy-CompSci has participated in various international research projects.