Organisation name: ON AIR Srl

4 helix category: Companies

Type of actor: SME

Overall Description: Established in 1995, ONAIR is an Italian SME with a wide experience in Optimization, Data Analysis, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Current ONAIR activities mainly focus on transport applications (railway and marine traffic control and planning), autonomous video surveillance (outdoor and underwater systems), advanced optical recognition devices (pattern recognition and deep learning) and predictive analytics software modules (automated diagnostics and prognostics for industrial systems). The development of computer-based algorithms for data processing has been specifically targeted to low-cost devices (embedded CPUs), leading to highly optimized implementations. In the marine field, ONAIR is member of the Liguria Cluster of Marine Technologies in La Spezia (Italy) and participated to many R&D projects in close collaboration with Universities and other research institutes. ONAIR main competences relevant to the marine field are in the development of algorithms for monitoring and optimization of ship performances with respect to given KPIs (e.g. CO2 emissions, safety and comfort of navigation) and, more generally, for the development of sea-situational awareness decision support systems. Moreover, ONAIR provides a wide experience about all the specific aspects of data processing and statistical recognition in underwater imaging systems for environmental monitoring